address [ADDRESS-PART] [COMPARATOR] [MATCH-TYPE] <header-list: string-list> <key-list: string-list>


The address test matches Internet addresses in structured headers that contain addresses. It returns true if any header contains any key in the specified part of the address, as modified by the comparator and the match keyword. Like envelope and header, this test returns true if any combination of the header-list and key-list arguments match. Internet email addresses have the somewhat awkward characteristic that the local-part to the left of the at-sign is considered case sensitive, and the domain-part to the right of the at-sign is case insensitive. The "address" command does not deal with this itself, but provides the ADDRESS-PART argument for allowing users to deal with it. The address primitive never acts on the phrase part of an email address, nor on comments within that address. It also never acts on group names, although it does act on the addresses within the group construct. Implementations restrict the address test to headers that contain addresses. It is guaranteed to support at least From, To, Cc, Bcc, Sender, Resent-From, Resent-To headers.


if address :is :all "from" "" {


Core : Requires no import statement